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We carry socks, sweaters,
scarves. hats, mittens, gloves,
blankets, rugs and more.

Get acquainted with our beautiful fiber...

Nature's Reserve 100% Alpaca Yarn and Bamboo Blends, Fabric, Felting & Roving

For centuries alpaca fleece has been used for clothing purposes as it is very insulating and hypo-allergenic. As well as being very lightweight, this luxurious, very durable fleece is as soft as cashmere. Alpaca fleece has 22 recognized natural colors and can be blended together.

Nature's Reserve Alpacas yarns are all natural colors with NO dyes added. Our yarn is 100% alpaca with NO Merino wool blend. We also have alpaca yarn with a 20% Bamboo blend which is used for antibacterial purposes. The Bamboo mix is used for such items as socks, sweaters, hats and mittens.

At Nature's Reserve Alpacas there is NO wasting fiber. Our scraps of yarn are always blended to create felt or farm blend yarn and this is great for making lap blankets, vests, hats and jackets.

Our Roving is the fleece from the legs and neck of the alpaca and is mixed with 20% Merino wool to make it stronger for spinning into yarn. We also have bamboo blend in roving.

Nature's Reserve Alpacas
Located on the banks of the beautiful Delaware River
408 River Road, Callicoon, NY 12723
p. 845-887-2012 ~ f. 845-887-6710
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